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a new life

This music is dreaming the new world into existence

It is for everybody to feel the beauty, challenge and possibilities in these extraordinary times.
Humanity is evolving, a change of paradigm is happening. In this time of transformation and expansion we are experiencing states of confusion, chaos and uncertainity in order to reach a new level of freedom and unity.
These songs are dealing with the emotions and initiations we are going through right now.
This is medicine music. It is intuitive, arising in the moment and connecting the seen and the unseen world.
It is opening up realms and is singing a new life into reality.

Let it take you on a journey and enjoy!

Ariane Mihm (moonsong): voice, piano

Audrey Guttierez: handpan, rav, percussion

Alexander Ranft: guitar, beats, bass

mixed and produced by Alexander Ranft
recorded February – April 2022